Education is a support of life.
Menander, 4th century BC, Ancient Greek poet

Scholarships in numbers


Public Call

Bachelor, Master & Phd Scholarship Program Academic Year 2022-2023

Application Closing Date
Monday 25/07/2022 at 0:00 pm.

* We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting applications for the grant of a scholarship has been extended until 05/08/2022 in order to make it easier for candidates to gather supporting documents due to the circumstances.

Our Vision

We created the Ioannis & Aikaterini Samaras Scholarship Non Profit Partnership, with our eyes on the future.

Our aim is to contribute with all our powers to the progress of young people, the enhancement of knowledge and the healthy development of society, providing the opportunity to those who excel to complete their education in the field of their choice, whether it is in science, technology, culture or art..

We want to become their active supporters and offer them the necessary, much-needed impetus, to achieve their academic goals.

We strongly believe that education and knowledge can lead the young generation to become a driving force for a more substantial development of humanity.