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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does the Non-Profit Organization IOANNIS AND AIKATERINI SAMARAS SCHOLARSHIPS exist?

The Scholarships organization was established with the sole purpose of funding scholarships, enabling thus young students, who do not have the necessary financial resources to acquire a higher level of education in line with their proven academic performance.
Our aim is to contribute, with all our forces to the progress of young people, knowledge enhancement and the healthy development of society.

Who can apply for a Scholarship to the Samaras Foundation?

The Ioannis and Aikaterini Samaras Scholarships finance scholarships for high school graduates and University and Polytechnic Schools undergraduate and postgraduate students in Greece, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

What are the basic terms and conditions for submitting a Scholarship Application?

– Students applying for scholarships for postgraduate or doctorate studies must have completed their first degree by the age of 23 and their master degree by the age of 25.
– High School Graduates must have a high school diploma with either grade excellent in total or grade excellent in the courses that pertain to the field in which they will study.
– The place of permanent residence of parents must be different from the place of the postgraduate studies.
– Applicants must not have received a scholarship from another institution, nor any other financial support for the same academic year for which they are applying.

For how many study programs can I apply for a Scholarship and in how many countries?

Applicants can apply for one study program & one country ONLY.

What are the selection criteria for the Samaras Foundation Scholarship Award?

– For University Students: Academic performance (GPA, distinction awarded, participation in conferences and publications in scientific journals).
– For Secondary Education Graduates: High School Diploma and Transcript
– University & Study Program Status
– Financial situation of Applicant.
– Justification of the choice of University & study program.
– Number of semesters completed.
– Technical soundness of scholarship application.

Should I receive a Scholarship, is it only for a year?

If certain criteria set by the Scholarship Program , such as full attendance and annual assessment of progress, are met, an extension of Scholarship may be provided.

How are Scholarship Applications evaluated?

Scholarship Applications are assessed by an Evaluation Committee consisting of University professors and experts.
Applications that meet the terms and conditions of participation undergo an academic evaluation, which may include a personal interview.
The Executive Board of the Ioannis & Aikaterini Samaras Scholarships Program approves the granting of the scholarships based on the Evaluation Committee’s score and following a thorough examination of all the criteria on the total number of applications.

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